Some of your Questions:

Q. Are your pigs raised in gestation crates?

In conventional farming models, sows are restricted in gestation crates when pregnant. Rowe Farms strictly prohibits the use of gestation crates and tethering of sows.

Q. Do you use farrowing crates?

Farrowing pens must provide open access for piglets to move away from the sow and out of the farrowing pen.

Q. When medicating is required (including deworming) is the entire herd medicated?

Yes – the herd would be dewormed in sequence.

Q. What happens if a hog dies during transport?

If a hog dies during transport, it is disposed of at the abattoir. The death is documented and Rowe Farms follows up with the farmer to investigate what happened.

Q. What makes your bacon so tasty?

Our bacon is cooked and naturally smoked in a smokehouse using maple hardwood. Bacon is brined using minimal water and salt and thick sliced. The result is bacon that is full of the natural flavour and goodness that our customers have come to expect.

If you have any questions not answered here please email for more information.