Our farming philosophies

Quality with a Conscience

At Rowe Farms, being a conscientious company means treating animals with respect and dignity. All of our animals are raised in humane and low-stress environments, without the use of antibiotics or growth promoting hormones. They have open access to food and water, and eat strictly vegetarian diets.

Respect and dignity also guide us in our dealings with farmers. All our animals are raised locally, right here in Ontario by our dedicated conscientious farmers. We work in close partnership with our farmers to develop a sustainable agricultural model that is economically viable for them. In doing so we are able to keep local farmers on their land supplying our customers with healthy food. And on top of that we are legitimately able to produce a better tasting product. Our selection of meats is known for its excellent flavour and superior quality - stop by one of our retail stores to see for yourself!


It's all about health, the environment and economics

At Rowe Farms we support local production as it keeps our world cleaner with less trucking and lower fuel consumption. Economically, local production helps support our local economy and our local farmers.


Each year millions of cattle across North America are injected with synthetically made growth hormones. Naturally occuring hormones are a good thing - it's the unnatural hormones we are unsure about. In 1988, the European Union banned the use of hormones in beef production and at the same time banned the import of hormone treated beef. Although scientists seem uncertain about any long lasting effects of synthetic growth hormones in our foods, we at ROWE FARMS know we can farm without the use of them. So for the good of both our livestock, and our customers, we have a complete ban on the use of synthetic growth hormones.

No Animal By-Products

All our animals are raised on strictly vegetarian feeds with absolutely no animal by-products or stimulants. In conventional agricultural operations, animals are commonly fed feather meal, bone meal and fish meal as a cheap protein source. We work in partnership with Grand Valley Fortifiers (GVF), a leading livestock nutrition company, to ensure that our animals are raised on vegetable grain feeds with no animal by-products, no antibiotics and no growth promotants. ever. Our feeds are carefully formulated by nutritionists from GVF ensuring that animals receive all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promote robust immune systems that ward off disease and health stresses resulting in healthy and happy animals. This, in turn results in the provision of high quality, safe, wholesome and great tasting pork, chicken, beef, turkey and lamb.

Nitrite-cured, 100% nitrate-free

Shorter shelf life, but better for you

Nitrites and Nitrates are preservatives used in meats to inhibit bacterial growth and preserve colour. Nitrates are vastly more commonly used as they are relatively more effective at preserving colour and extending shelf life. The problem with Nitrates is that during their reactive process they can in some cases produce nitrosamines (known carcinogens). Instead of Nitrates, we use a combination of Nitrites and vitamin C, which act together to reduce the formation of nitrosamines while preserving the meat. The result is a line of deli products which are full of natural flavour and goodness that you can feel good about serving to you family.


Conventional farming operations typically use two classifications of antibiotics. These antibiotics are a) therapeutic and b) sub-therapeutic. Therapeutic antibiotics are given to animals that are unhealthy - generally, as part of a medical treatment plan. Sub-therapeutic antibiotics are low-grade antibiotics that are fed to the animal every day (through their feed or water supply) to ward off sickness.

At Rowe Farms, we understand that animals raised in a low-stress environment with clean air, clean water and solid nutrition are naturally healthy. We never used sub-therapeutic antibiotics. If an animal becomes sick, we treat the animal in the most compassionate method possible. If that medical plan includes the use of therapeutic antibiotics, we never sell the animal as a Rowe Farms product. This animal is segregated from the herd, removed from the farm, and sold as a conventional animal.