Some of your Questions:

Q. What’s the difference between your regular beef and 100% grass fed beef?

Our standard beef is pasture raised and grass/forage fed for approximately 80% of its life. During the last 3 – 4 months, grains are introduced into the diet as part of their finishing regimen. The grain component cannot exceed 40% of the feed content and 20% is the standard. Cows’ stomachs aren’t designed to digest grain and they often become sick as a result of grain-based diets. Because of this, corn exposure must be minimized or the animal would require an antibiotic to remain healthy. It is the grain regimen during cows’ last 10 weeks that creates the marbling and flavour that customers have come to expect from high quality Ontario beef.

Our 100% grass fed cattle is not finished with any grains whatsoever. The entire diet is grass and forage. This produces a much leaner product that is higher in vitamins, omega-3 and CLA. It is also lower in calories and fat.

Q. Why don’t you sell Grass Fed Beef year round?

We focus on selling 100% Grass Fed beef from September to March. In our experience, this produces the best tasting and most tender product. Although growing, this market is still too small to offer a year round program. By focusing on a specific selling period, we allow our farmers to better plan to support our business.

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