Some of your Questions:

Q. Do you use nitrates in your cured meat?

Nitrites and nitrates are preservatives used in meats to inhibit bacterial growth and preserve colour. Nitrates are vastly more commonly used as they are more effective at preserving colour and extending shelf life. The problem with nitrates is that during their reactive process they can in some cases produce nitrosamines (known carcinogens). Our meats our 100% nitrate-free. Instead, we use a combination of nitrites and vitamin C, which act together to reduce the formation of nitrosamines while preserving meat.

Q. Why do you use nitrite in your cured meat?

The CFIA requires that cooked deli meats made of pork and poultry and sold refrigerated include a preservative in order to prevent the formation of botulism. Some manufacturers have begun using celery salt and a bacterial culture to create nitrite inside the formulation and avoid putting the preservative on the ingredient panel. At Rowe Farms, we feel this is potentially misleading to customers and we therefore add nitrite in the minimum amount legally required and declare this on the label.

Q. Do your frozen beef hotdogs contain preservatives?

Our frozen all beef hotdogs contains no fillers, artificial additives or preservatives. They’re sold frozen and are therefore an exception to the CFIA requirement for preservatives in deli meats.

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