Some of your Questions:

Q. Does your feed include animal by-products?

All our animals are raised on strictly vegetarian feeds with absolutely no animal by-products or stimulants. In conventional agricultural operations, animals are commonly fed feather meal, bone meal and fish meal as a cheap protein source. We work in partnership with Grand Valley Fortifiers (GVF), a leading livestock nutrition company, to ensure that our animals are raised on vegetable grain feeds with no animal by-products, no antibiotics and no growth promotants … ever. Our feeds are carefully formulated by nutritionists from GVF, ensuring that animals receive all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promote robust immune systems that ward off disease and health stresses resulting in healthy and happy animals. This, in turn, results in the provision of high quality, safe, wholesome and great tasting pork, chicken, beef, turkey and lamb for our customers.

Q. Are you using feeds that contain arsenic as a parasite control method for poultry?

We absolutely do not use arsenic as a control method for parasites, or for any other purpose on our farms.

Q. Does your feed include GMOs?

At this time, some of our animal feeds contain GMOs. In response to growing consumer concern we are working towards a GMO free policy. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the World Health Organization’s perspective on the human impact of eating animals fed GMOs. Please see the chart below:
• Chicken – Yes
• Turkey – Yes
• Pork - Yes
• Tamworth Pork - No
• Beef - Yes
• Grass Fed Beef - No
• Lamb - No
• Wiltshire Horned Lamb - No

If you have any questions not answered here please email for more information.