Some of your Questions:

Q. What’s the difference between Free Run and Free Range?

Free Run animals are raised in barns with the ability to roam freely. They do not have access to the outdoors. This type of housing is most commonly used when raising animals where biosecurity protocols are especially necessary to keep animals healthy and safe. This system allows farmers to protect animals from predators and reduce the risk of bacterial or viral contamination.

Free Range animals have access to the outdoors. This system is most commonly used when raising hardy animals for which biosecurity is less of a concern, such as beef and lamb.

Q. Which system are your animals raised in?

• Rowe Farm Eggs – Enhanced Housing System - See “Laying Hens” section for more info
• Rowe Farm Omega 3 Enriched eggs – Free Run
• Rowe Farm Organic Eggs – Free Range
• Beef - Free Range
• 100% Grass Fed Beef – Free Range
• Pork - Free Run
• Tamworth Pork - Free Range
• Chicken - Free Run
• Turkey - Free Run
• Lamb - Free Range

Q. Are your meats certified organic?

Our meats are not certified organic. The biggest difference between conscientiously farmed and organic is that we don’t require the use of certified organic animal feeds. Organic feeds are significantly more expensive than non organic feeds and sometimes difficult to source locally. This has a large impact on the total cost of production and the affordability of healthier options for many consumers.

Q. Are your meats gluten free?

Yes, all our primary meat cuts are gluten free. We do not add any flavour or moisture enhancers to our products.
We do however offer a selection of marinated meats that may contain gluten, including cuts marinated with our jerk, teriyaki and Korean sauces. If in doubt, just ask our retail staff and they will be happy to advise.

Q. How do you source ingredients used in your marinades?

Wherever possible we use local ingredients that are:
• Low in sodium
• Contain no artificial preservatives
• Contain no artificial flavours
• Contain no artificial colours
• No refined sugars
• No moisture enhancers

Q. Why doesn’t all your labeling indicate no growth hormones? Does that mean you add hormones to chicken and pork?

None of our animals are raised with growth hormones. Rowe Farms’ products are produced in CFIA approved facilities so we must comply with CFIA labeling protocols. The CFIA prohibits the use of growth hormones in pork and poultry production in Canada so to label our chicken and pork as hormone free would be misleading. Please see the attached sheet as a guide to labeling.

Q. How do you decide what you pay your farmers?

At Rowe Farms, economic viability for our farmers is of critical importance. We work in close partnership with our farmers to understand the cost of production for their specific farms. With this in mind we work on providing pricing that is consistent and allows our farmers to run a sustainable farming operation with the security of knowing what pricing Rowe Farms will pay. It is our sincere hope that this approach will keep more local Ontario family farmers on their land and will provide future generations with a viable business model.

Q. Can the public visit an operating farm?

Absolutely! We organize an annual “Farm Day” where we invite the public to tour a working Rowe Farm and experience first hand how Rowe supports sustainable farming and the humane treatment of animals. If you’re interested in attending Farm Day, please send an email to and we will add you to our mailing list and email you when the date has been confirmed.

Q. How do you guarantee animals are raised in accordance with your principles?

Ensuring our farmers are dedicated to conscientious farming principles is critical. In order to guarantee our farmers’ commitment to the Rowe agricultural model we have a stringent inspection and audit process including:
• 4 annual Rowe Farms inspections
• Annual Rowe Farms audit
• Annual third party audit
• Farmer signed affidavits covering animals sold to Rowe Farms
• CFIA review and approval of method of production and label claims

Q. How can I join the Rowe Farms team?

We’re always looking for talented people with a passion for creating a more sustainable food system. If you’re interested in working at Rowe Farms please email your cover letter and resume to

If you have any questions not answered here please email for more information.